Montag, 24. Dezember 2012

Babe of the year

it's been a while since duski and I joked around, what if somebody decides to make a movie about our lives, who is the perfect cast to play us?! I immediately said cameron diaz should play duski and after few seconds of silence duski looked at me and said: don't get mad at me now, but I think anne hathaway should play your part! she knew that I didn't like anne at all, for me she was a boring actress who plays silly roles in princess movies. AND then I saw the dark knight rises and was completely blown away by anne's acting and look! since then I can't help noticing how beautiful she actually is, the short hair cut, amazing smile and those big brown eyes... apart from the great looks, she also seems to be a very funny and down to earth person. dear anne, you are my babe of the year 2012!
much love

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